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I'd like to welcome you to my website. You'll find information about me, my books, some of my interests and planned forthcoming events.


I try to write crime/mystery novels that are not run of the mill. I want my readers to feel part of the world that I create in my books, to relate to my characters and to be catalyzed into feeling an emotional response to the events that happen in my stories.

Please don't expect just an endless sequence of action, car-chases, fistfights, gunfights and similar unrealistic scenes. Instead expect a storyline that may start with an apparently simple death, but which will start to grow more complex as the police team begin to make progress in their investigations. You'll find that my novels are not simple whodunnits.

I notice that a small proportion of my Amazon reviews express mild disappointment at the lack of violent action in my novels. I make no apology for my style of writing; I try to create an emotional response in my readers, not just shallow entertainment. 

You'll meet my main character, DCI Sophie Allen. Sophie may appear at first to be somewhat of a 'cold fish', over-intellectual and too clever by half. This is the persona created in the first novel 'Dark Crimes', but is far from the truth. The reasons for this 'ice-queen' facade lie deep in her own past, in events that she has half-forgotten herself. These events are hinted at in the first novel but surface with shattering effect in the second story, 'Deadly Crimes'. She has personal problems that are alluded to in each novel.

You will find more about the novels on the NOVELS page, and more about me on the ABOUT page.

Please visit the CONTACT page if you wish to send me a message about the books or about crime-writing in general.

The website for my publisher, Joffe Books, iswww.joffebooks.com   Joffe Books publish a range of great novels so please have a look.

Page updated: February 2018