Like many writers, I have been a keen reader all of my life. I remember a day as a nine year old during the summer holidays, when I visited the local library in Bristol four times in one day because a child's ticket only allowed one book out at a time! I can even remember the plot of one of those books, a story about a boy taking up fly-fishing, read while sitting outside in our sunny back garden. Yes, you've guessed it: when my family moved to Scotland, it didn't take me long to take up fly fishing. I think I was fourteen when I caught my first trout.

I now live in the west-country, in the beautiful cathedral city of Salisbury (famous for other reasons since the notorious Skripal poisoning), although I set my novels in the neighbouring county of Dorset. We own a lovely flat in the small Dorset coastal town of Swanage, and spend a lot of time there, walking the famous Jurassic Coast world heritage site. The early novels in the series are based on the Isle of Purbeck, one of the UK's most beautiful coastal regions. But the rest of the county of Dorset does get a look in, and there are scenes set in other locations in the central south of England.

I write because I constantly create scenes, people, imaginary conversations and unusual situations in my head. I have always done so, ever since I was a child. I take great pride in my writing, constantly reshaping and polishing until it's as good as I can make it.

Who are my own favourite writers? Philip Pullman has written many books of real originality, full of imaginative ideas. Not just the Lara series, but the earlier Sally Lockhart novels. His current project, the second Lara trilogy, is wonderful stuff. I'm totally hooked on anything he writes. I'm equally hooked on the BBC dramatisation of His Dark Materials. I think we are very lucky to have someone of Philip's calibre living and writing in our country.

Hilary Mantel, of course, particularly the Thomas Cromwell novels. 
Doris Lessing has written some great works spanning many years, although my favourite is her autobiography. I'm also a great fan of David Mitchell. He shows great creativity in all of his novels.

Another author I've come to admire greatly is Charity Norman. She writes about families in crisis situations and how the problem is partly resolved. I came to her books with "The New Woman", a novel that probes the problems created by gender variance. Her other novels are equally good. Her writing style is outstanding.

In crime fiction I like Val McDiarmid's work and Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brodie novels.  I also enjoy Colin Dexter's Morse, Ian Rankin's Rebus novels and the Cormoran Strike novels of J K Rowling (despite the fact that I strongly disagree with her rather ignorant stance on transgender matters). Among my fellow authors in the Joffe Books stable, my favourites include Janice Frost and Joy Ellis.

I think it important that readers are aware of my own gender variant pressures. I don't include a small number of LGBT issues in my novels just to be politically correct. I do so because I am a proud member of that select community.

 Please feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have questions about any of my novels. I have included a contact form on the Contact page.

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