You can contact me using the form on this page, or directly via e-mail at this address: I always reply to messages from readers within a few days. If you have sent me a message via this contact form and don't appear to have received a reply, please check your spam/junk folder.

I also have a Facebook page at: but I'm not a particularly keen user of social media, preferring to use email. If you message me on Facebook you may have a long wait for a response! Whereas message sent to me via the form below or by email will get a prompt reply.

I like to receive messages about my books, so please contact me if you have any questions to ask about my novels or characters. I'll be happy to answer any comments or discuss any points that you raise. I'd also appreciate your views on my novels, particularly if you've read several of them and would like to comment on how the series is progressing. I will always respond as quickly as I can to bona-fide messages sent to me via this contact page or by email.

Please remember that, like most novelists, I write what I like and what seems interesting to me. I don't like all-action, gun-toting crime novels and I don't write in that style. Nor do I wish to write about moody, maverick cops who go it alone, break the rules yet still manage to solve the crimes. Please don't suggest that I should switch to writing those types of novel.

For anyone who needs help with gender identity issues, I may be able to put you in touch with support organisations in the UK. I maintain a wide range of contacts. For family members who wish to find out more, I may be be able to help. Please use the contact form to send a message. I will reply.

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