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August 2017: I should have updated this News page before now, but didn't seem to have time. Anyway, the latest news is that I've finished novel 6, Wicked Crimes, in the last few days. It's now with the team at Joffe Books. Maybe an autumn publication date?

January 2017: Joffe Books have managed to publish my fifth novel, Twisted Crimes, a week earlier than I expected. Well done to them! The first few reviews have been very good.

December 2016: My fifth novel, Twisted Crimes, is almost ready to go. It's been through the editing process and should be ready for publication in January 2017.

October 2016: Joffe Books have negotiated an audiobooks contract for my novels, with Cat Gould as the narrator.

Mid August 2016: Joffe Books have told me that in July I was a Kindle top 10 author in the UK, with three of my novels in the top 50 in the all-star charts. I've also learned that Dark Crimes was the number 2 Kindle book in Australia last week. I'd like to thank the staff at Joffe Books for their efforts, and all of my readers for continuing to buy my books. All the work becomes worthwhile when I read the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. It may be worth mentioning to readers that each novel takes about a year to write/edit/appear. Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I'm no genius, far from it, but the proportions seem to apply to my writing.

July 7th 2016: Buried Crimes, my fourth novel, was published today. The Joffe Books editorial team were enthusiastic about it, and my wife, Margaret, thinks it is my best. Let's hope the readers agree!

I've just learned that I was an Amazon top 100 author in the UK and DARK CRIMES and DEADLY CRIMES were top 50 books during May 2016. I'm thrilled by this news!

My third novel, Secret Crimes, was published by Joffe Books in May 2016 and received enthusiastic reviews from readers.

Deadly Crimes, the second novel in the DCI Sophie Allen series, has now been available for several months. Readers have started e-mailing me about it, which is thrilling.

The first novel in the series, Dark Crimes, has been available since mid-March and has been selling really well, with some encouraging reviews.

Readers of the second novel will spot that I occasionally include a little poetry where it has a natural place in the storyline. This happens again in the fourth novel, working title Buried Crimes.

My novels are available either in digital format for Kindle and other devices, or as paperbacks direct from Amazon.

Page updated: January 2017