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At present the novels are all set in the county of Dorset and all feature Detective Chief Inspector Sophie Allen as the central character. Other members of the police investigation team will come and go, but Sophie will remain for the foreseeable future. Her own family relationships will develop as the series progresses, with the first two novels supplying details about her own childhood and upbringing.

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Dark Crimes:- Published mid-March 2016 by Joffe Books.

A young woman's body lies on a deserted footpath in a Dorset seaside town late on a chill, damp November night. She has been stabbed through the heart. A simple murder with a simple solution? Not when her mother is found strangled the next morning, followed by the death of another young woman in a neighbouring town later that evening. The complexities of the case grow as DCI Sophie Allen and her team begin to realise that each victim had secret histories kept hidden from the world, histories that involved violence and intimidation. There's an obvious suspect but could he be too obvious? Could someone else be lurking in the shadows, someone of savage violence looking for a warped revenge?

Dark Crimes probes the frightening and silent world of domestic abuse and intimidation, where violence rules and young hopes are destroyed. DCI Allen, head of the newly formed Violent Crime Unit, is pushed to the limit in her first major case as the team's head.

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Deadly Crimes (novel 2 in the series) - published in late April 2016 by Joffe Books.

The mutilated body of a young man is found on top of the Agglestone, a well-known local landmark on Studland Heath in Purbeck. Evidence begins to accumulate that he was associated with a gang smuggling young women into the country for enforced prostitution. But why is DCI Sophie Allen keeping something back from her team? Could it be linked to the extraordinary discovery of her own father's body, found at the bottom of a disused mine-shaft more than forty years after he disappeared?
Raw emotion, kidnapping, internal gang tensions, sadistic brutality, murder and even S & M bondage; this novel has it all.

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Secret Crimes (novel 3 in the series):- published in early June 2016 by Joffe Books.

Lonely people looking for new relationships visit music festivals each year, seeking romance with potential partners of similar musical interests. The peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of Swanage's blues festival is cut short when the body of an attractive festival-goer is discovered on the rocky shoreline at Peveril Point. But her injuries arouse suspicion. Who was the man she met? Has there been a history of suspicious deaths at other music festivals across the region? DCI Sophie Allen is back in charge after the emotional upheavals she suffered in 'Deadly Crimes', but is she really in control?

Buried Crimes (novel 4 in the series):- published in early July 2016 by Joffe Books.

A family move into their dream home in Dorchester: an idyllic cottage with a large garden. It seems perfect, particularly for their two children, but when Philip and Jill Freeman decide to move a buddleia bush to a new location, what they find buried beneath its roots will haunt them forever. DCI Sophie Allen is forced to probe crimes that occurred many years before, crimes that cause emotional upheavals within the local community: child murder.

Twisted Crimes (Novel 5 in the series):- published January 2017 by Joffe Books.  

An elderly couple mysteriously vanish from their home in Blandford Forum. Their family appear to be bemused by the disappearance but the police team identify some internal family tensions. Are these powerful enough to explain the missing parents or could something even more sinister be at work? Some familiar names resurface and not all are welcome ones.

Evil Crimes (Novel 6 in the series):- published on December 1st 2017 by Joffe Books.

A young man's body is spotted in the stormy sea off Dancing Ledge in Dorset by a local walking group. Had he lost his footing in the gale force winds and fallen in? While checking up on his background, members of Sophie Allen's team discover some curious links to a suicide that had occurred six months earlier. The common factor appears to be a strikingly attractive young woman, currently a student at Exeter University. Alarming facts slowly come to light as the team probe more deeply. Is she as wicked as she appears to be, or is someone else manipulating her for personal reasons?

Shadow Crimes (Novel 7):- published on October 26th 2018 by Joffe Books.

A team of Dorset detectives has been investigating the smuggling of illegal goods into prisons, but runs into trouble  during an aborted undercover meeting with an informer. At the same time a retired prison officer is found murdered. Is there a link?Sophie Allen, newly promoted to superintendent, and her team find themselves investigating a shadowy group whose influence is far wider than at first thought and who will stop at nothing to protect themselves.

Silent Crimes (Novel 8):- published on October 30th 2019 by Joffe Books.

The body of a reclusive tramp is found in the woods near Wareham, in Dorset. Why would someone want to kill a man who posed no threat to anyone? Sophie Allen’s team begin to piece together his back story and find links to a commune whose home was a farm on the Quantock Hills in Somerset more than a decade earlier. They find evidence of intimidation and violence. What happened there? Why is everyone keeping silent about involvement with the commune and why is a shadow still hanging over the surviving members? A gripping and intense story that explores how decades-old fears can dominate current lives.



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