I occasionally write short stories, some of which fill in some background about the characters in my novels. Others are not linked to the Sophie Allen novels at all, but may have an LGBT slant. The tales do not end neatly. Each finishes at a point that should leave some doubt in the mind of the reader. In each case, the question is: what might happen next? Both in the short term and the long term?

Each of the titles is a hyperlink that will take you to the story. Just click on it. Each short story is free to read but the copyright is owned by me, Michael Hambling.

Page last updated May 2021

Sophie's Pub Crawl

A short story set in Wareham, set just after novel 3 (Secret Crimes).


One Hundred . . . Coming To Find You!

A short story about Rae Gregson, set just  after novel 6 (Evil Crimes).


The Homophobic Pupil

A short story set in the Dorset secondary school where Martin Allen, Sophie's husband, is Deputy Head.


Just a Half for You!

Uniformed sergeant Rose Simons is out on a quiet date with her new boyfriend. But events start to spiral out of control inside the pub they've chosen for a meal. This was written to be included in Salisbury CAMRA's in-house magazine, Barrel Organ.


Echoes In Her Mind

This story is not yet linked to a character in my novels. Maybe it will at some time in the future. Rebecca seems to be an interesting and complex character and her tale is probably part of a larger story that is still to be written.


At the Crossroads

This story is not linked to any of my novels, either. Some Blues fans might consider it a sacrilege that famous guitar solos should ever be recreated by an alto sax. Sorry! But it makes for a good story.


The Crack in the Door

A tragic story of a young woman who's life has been dominated by the abuse she suffered as a teenager in a childrens home.


Chloe and Isabella

A story with a strong trans theme, written at the request of the editor of the Beaumont Society's quarterly magazine.