I occasionally write short stories that fill in some background about the characters in my novels. The tales do not end neatly. Each finishes at a point that should leave some doubt in the mind of the reader. In each case, the question is: what might happen next? Both in the short term and the long term?

Each of the titles is a hyperlink that will take you to the story. Just click on it.

Page last updated January 2020

Sophie's Pub Crawl

A short story set in Wareham, set just after novel 3 (Secret Crimes).


One Hundred . . . Coming To Find You!

A short story about Rae Gregson, set just  after novel 6 (Evil Crimes).


The Homophobic Pupil

A short story set in the Dorset secondary school where Martin Allen, Sophie's husband, is Deputy Head.


Just a Half for You!

Uniformed sergeant Rose Simons is out on a quiet date with her new boyfriend. But events start to spiral out of control inside the pub they've chosen for a meal. This was written to be included in Salisbury CAMRA's in-house magazine, Barrel Organ.


Echoes In Her Mind

This story is not yet linked to a character in my novels. Maybe it will at some time in the future. Rebecca seems to be an interesting and complex character and her tale is probably part of a larger story that is still to be written.


At the Crossroads

This story is not linked to any of my novels, either. Some Blues fans might consider it a sacrilege that famous guitar solos should ever be recreated by an alto sax. Sorry! But it makes for a good story.